YouTube's 'Netflix-killer' launch in Australia has hit some early problems

Screenshot: YouTube Red.

YouTube has launched YouTube Red in Australia, becoming the first region out of the US to receive the product.

The new ad-free video and music subscription service will take on market competitors such as Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music.

It’s available for $11.99 a month, with an introductory offer of $9.99 — with the first month free — if you sign up before June 6. The service is also available through the Apple app store.

YouTube Red has 10 shows of original content from YouTube stars including Lilly Singh, Rooster Teeth, and PewDiePie.

Here’s how you sign up:

Go to

Screenshot: YouTube Red.

Once you click the big red “free trial” button, you’ll be prompted for your payment information:

Screenshot: YouTube Red.

I set a calendar reminder in my phone for a month from now, to make sure that I can re-evaluate the service before it charges me for my first “real” month.

And, that’s it! (Apparently)

Screenshot: YouTube Red.

But this is as far as we could get. Perhaps everyone else is trying to get on too, causing the error to occur.

Screenshot: YouTube Red.

At around 2.30pm today YouTube told Business Insider that the “hiccup” had been fixed.

“There was a brief technical glitch for some users this morning but it’s all working fine now,” a media spokesperson said.

She did not have further details on what caused the error, how long it lasted and who it affected.

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