Prominent YouTubers slam controversial star Logan Paul, as YouTube strips ads from his videos

The graphic appears in a video where Logan Paul tasers dead rats. YouTube
  • Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul, who faced scrutiny last month for uploading a video that showed the body of a suicide victim, is under fire once again.
  • YouTube has temporarily suspended ads on Paul’s videos after he tasered dead rats in a recent video.
  • YouTube stars and Twitter users reacted to Paul’s antics, with many furious and a tad confused, calling for YouTube to rid itself of Paul for good.

Not only has YouTube had enough of Logan Paul, but some prominent YouTubers have, as well.

Outside of those who follow YouTube culture, Logan Paul may have been a stranger to many before January. But after two controversial videos and action taken by the video platform itself, the YouTube star’s antics are reaching the masses.

Paul rose to video prominence on now-defunct video platform Vine, and has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube. He made $US12.5 million last year, accoriding to Forbes.

But now YouTube has temporarily suspended ads on Paul’s videos following one in which he tasered dead rats. This comes after another controversial video he uploaded made headlines in January, when he appeared with a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest.”

Many, including some big-time YouTubers, spoke out on Twitter and YouTube itself to talk about the Logan Paul situation.

Well-established YouTube star Casey Neistat, who has almost 9 million subscribers and sold a company to CNN for $US25 million, posted a video to YouTube Friday titled “about Logan Paul,” in which he announced that he’d interviewed YouTube’s Chief Business Officer, Robert Kyncl, about the future of the platform in the aftermath of Paul’s actions. He will post the interview on Monday.

“Back around the New Year when all the Logan Paul sh– was going down, as a human being I was obviously frustrated and p—ed off and offended by his actions,” Neistat said at the beginning of the video. “How I felt as a YouTuber, as somebody who depends on this platform, I was nervous and anxious as to how Logan’s actions might negatively affect the entire platform.”

Phillip DeFranco, another YouTube personality with over 6 million subscribers, who hosts a political news show, took to Twitter to voice his concerns with Paul. He sarcastically came to “Logan’s defence.”

“Who of us hasn’t used a taser on dead animals, bragged about the 1 million new subs we gained during our suicide exploitation scandal, and made a video asking people about the suicide video so we could use our suicide video tags on a monetized video?” DeFranco tweeted.

DeFranco also tweeted that he hoped YouTube would post a specific policy regarding its move against Paul.

Now that YouTube has taken steps to punish Paul, other notable YouTube stars, along with plenty of Twitter users, are voicing their distaste for him

Catch some of the reactions from YouTubers:

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