A YouTuber got an Uber Eats Caesar salad delivered directly to her bathtub

Emilia Fart / YouTubeEmilia Fart enjoying a bath salad.
  • YouTuber Emilia Fart decided she never wanted to leave her bathtub, so she tried to order food from Uber Eats directly to her bathroom.
  • She documented her attempt in her video, “Trying to get food delivered directly to my bathtub.”
  • Emilia, who has 795,000 subscribers, was fully clothed in the bath, and so concluded there was “nothing weird” about the situation.
  • Sure enough, the driver followed her delivery instructions and entered her bathroom to deliver her chicken Caesar salad.
  • Emilia thanked the world for the golden age it’s in, and also her bathtub for being a “chariot of discovery” because “there is no better salad than a bath salad.”
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YouTuber Emilia Fart said she was feeling bleak in January, so she went to her favourite place – her bathtub. After being in there for nearly four hours, she decided the best thing to do for her mental health and wellbeing was to order food from Uber Eats.

But she didn’t want to get out of her bath in order to answer the door. Instead, she wanted to see if the delivery driver would bring her Caesar salad directly to her bathroom. She documented the outcome in a video entitled: “Trying to get food delivered directly to my bathtub.”

“I am a genius,” she told her 795,000 subscribers. “Who says I can’t have a delivery person come in my house and bring my food to my bathtub? Who says that’s against the law?”

Emilia was fully clothed in her bath, as she often is, which she said meant there was “nothing weird” about the situation.

“I know what I want, don’t judge me for it,” she said of her order. “It might be a salad. It might be a Caesar salad. It might be a chicken Caesar salad. Don’t judge me. It’s very high quality, OK? There’s radishes in it, guys.”

On making the order she made sure to add a note to tell the driver to come to the end of the hall, where he would find her in the tub. She struggled to get the wording just right so the driver would know she was only in the tub because she was cold.

“I don’t want it to sound like I’m trying to recreate the plot of like, a sensual movie of sorts,” she said. “Like the kind of movie would see on something Hub.”

Emilia said she would stay put if the driver rang the doorbell because she was refused to get out the bath.

“I would rather give up my precious Cesar salad than get out of this tub,” she said. “Also, here’s another fear. What if the person is a murderer?”

Emilia FartEmilia Fart / YouTubeShe couldn’t quite believe she pulled it off.

Sure enough, the Uber Eats driver showed up to Emilia’s house and followed the instructions to a tee. He entered through the front door, came up the stairs, and knocked on her door.

“Do you want me to come in?” the driver asked, to which she said she did.

Emilia, slightly in shock that her plan had worked, welcomed the driver into her bathroom and told him she knew it was weird. She asked him whether he was scared and whether he was a murderer. The answer to both questions was no. Then he left and Emilia was left with her salad in peace.

“I think it’s ok, I’m going to leave a fat tip,” she said.

“Most importantly, I did not need to get out. You never need to leave the bathtub. If you don’t want to leave the bathroom, you don’t have to, and that’s what we’ve learned.”

Emilia thanked the world for the golden age it’s in, and also her bathtub for being a “chariot of discovery” because “there is no better salad than a bath salad.”

“Today we have discovered something beautiful and frankly groundbreaking because we have answered an age-old question,” she said.

“That question being: Can you order a chicken Caesar salad to be delivered directly to your bubble bath? The answer is yes. So you’re welcome society.”

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