Watch a woman eat an 'amazing' cake that she made with 11 lipsticks chopped up inside

Safiya Nygaard/YouTubeYouTuber Safiya Nygaard baked lipsticks into a cake for a recent video.
  • YouTuberSafiya Nygaard recently baked 11 Bite Beauty Amuse Buche lipsticks into a funfetti cake.
  • She was inspired by a fan who suggested the experiment on Twitter, and chose Bite Beauty products because they’re made with edible “food-inspired” ingredients.
  • To bake the cake, Nygaard first froze the lipsticks, chopped them into tiny pieces, and then folded them into cake batter.
  • She baked the batter in three separate pans, and completed her recipe with lipstick-infused frosting.
  • Overall, Nygaard said the cake tasted “amazing,” and said its texture was “chewy” and “like a thick frosting.” Watch the full video below.
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