YouTube Turns Five Today And Gets Over 2 Billion Views A Day

Lady Gaga in Bad Romance

YouTube’s first video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, but the site was officially launched five years ago in May 2005 as a beta.With 24 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube won’t shock the world if they turn a profit. Eric Schmidt, CEO of parent company Google, “assumes” YouTube is already profitable.

The Google-owned video site has also surpassed an average of 2 billion views a day – up from the 1 billion views they eclipsed last October.

To commemorate their 5th birthday, they’ve created a channel with interviews of some notable YouTube stars.

The series is called “My YouTube Story” and features the likes of Jessica Rose (lonelygirl15) and Adam Bahner (“Chocolate Rain”). They talk about how they got their start with YouTube and how the video sharing site has affected their lives.

In addition, YouTube has asked some celebrities to share their favourite YouTube videos. Amongst Conan O’Brien’s top 5 are “Leeroy Jenkins” and “Winnebago Man.”

Here’s Conan introducing his top 5:

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