YouTube star Logan Paul apologised after filming a dead body in Japan's 'suicide forest'

YouTube/Logan PaulLogan Paul in a screenshot from his deleted video.

The YouTube star Logan Paul has apologised and deleted a video of him and his friends discovering a body in Japan’s so-called suicide forest.

The Aokigahara forest has developed a reputation as a site where many Japanese people have killed themselves.

In the video, released late last month, Paul and his friends were planning to camp in the forest overnight but stumbled upon a corpse hanging from a tree.

Paul blurred the face of the body, but he and his friends stood around the corpse and filmed it before leaving the forest.

“I’ve never made a mistake like this before,” Paul said in an apology on Twitter on Monday.

And he also published a short apology video on his YouTube channel on Tuesday:

Paul initially found fame through the Twitter-owned video service Vine and has since migrated to posting daily videos on YouTube. His younger brother is Jake Paul, a fellow YouTube star who has been accused of turning his neighbourhood into a “war zone” after a series of parties, stunts, and fan attention.

YouTube issued a statement on Tuesday morning in response to the video and the uproar around it.

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