YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen comes out as gay in emotional video

Ingrid nilsen comes out youtubeIngrid Nilsen, YouTubeYouTube star Ingrid Nilsen has more than 3 million subscribers.

YouTube star and judge of Lifetime’s “Project Runway: Threads” Ingrid Nilsen came out of the closet on Tuesday.

“There’s something that I want you to know,” Nilsen, 26, said onĀ YouTube. “And that something is I’m gay. It feels so good to say that.”

Nilsen revealed the news to her more than 3.3 million YouTube subscribers in the emotional video on Tuesday.

“You have been a part of my life for the past, almost six years and this is a really big part of my life,” she said. “I want to sit down and talk to you and have this conversation just like I’ve had this conversation with friends and people who are close to me in my life.”

In the video, she discusses early experiences of feeling different, being confused when called a lesbian by a classmate, what it was like to date men, and how her family and community took the news.

“This is not something that I chose,” she explained. “This something that’s a part of me and has always been a part of me.”

Known by her YouTube nickname “Miss Glamorazzi,” Nilsen has made a name for herself as a beauty, fashion, and health food vlogger.

Watch her coming out video below:

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