MASHED: The best moments on YouTube in 2015

YouTube just released its annual video mashup that pays tribute to all the biggest viral moments and people of 2015. 

You’ll see Left Shark, a handful of Shia Labeouf “Just do it” copycats, and cameos by people like Heaven King and Bethany Mota. And people well-versed in internet culture and YouTube stars will recognise dozens of in-jokes and references that will fly right by those who aren’t. 

YouTube culture exec Kevin Allocca tells Business Insider that shooting for the ~7 minute piece took 21 days across multiple cities around the US and the world. 

“The sets have this fun party atmosphere,” he said. “Some of these [YouTube creators] are pretty huge stars who are busy with crazy schedules, so to have them in the same place is really fun.”

Watch the video now:


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