YouTube Looks At Charging A Monthly Fee For Top TV Shows And Movies

youtube google chad hurley

YouTube is considering offering a monthly subscription fee to users who want to watch premium content, Reuters reports.

YouTube wants more professional television shows and movies on its site, but major studios don’t want to licence content to Google if it’s going to be free and ad supported.

The studios fear losing cable subscribers and DVD sales if shows were available for free on the web.

YouTube says it is willing to accommodate content partners by testing new business models like monthly subscription fees.

Google is also looking at offering episodes of shows for $1.99 a piece, similar to iTunes and Amazon.

It’s all part of Google’s evolving business plan for YouTube. It’s also looking at pre-roll ads on some videos, and it’s partnered with music industry to legally carry music videos through Vevo.

The funny thing about this subscription plan? Google used to do this with Google Video.

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