YouTube Is Trying To Buy Next New Networks

Photo: YouTube

Google could finally, officially be getting into content creation and production, via YouTube.Google is trying to buy Next New Networks, an online video production studio, the New York Times reports.

Why might Google be interested in Next New Networks, specifically?

Because the New York-based startup was responsible for YouTube’s two most-watched videos this year: the “Bed Intruder Song” and a parody of Ke$ha, a singer.

Under Google’s ownership, Next New could keep cranking out the hits, without worrying as much about money. And YouTube would get more videos it can sell ads on.

This might also be helpful for Google TV. Besides the fact that Google is having trouble getting networks to play along — many big networks are still blocking Google TV from accessing their online videos — it may also be to Google’s advantage to have exclusive, original programming on Google TV that can’t be seen elsewhere.

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