YouTube just gave your favourite YouTube stars an ultimatum

Soon, you’ll be able to pay YouTube $US10 every month to experience the online video service without those pesky advertisements. Sounds great!

There’s one major downside, and it affects popular YouTube video makers:

If they don’t agree to support the ad-free service (thus accepting potentially less money from the loss of ad revenue), YouTube will have their videos hidden outright.

It’s not just a case of Google-owned YouTube being pushy, necessarily. YouTube’s argument is that its “Partners” — some of YouTube’s most prolific, popular video creators — need to support the service for consistency’s sake.

More simply put: if everyone isn’t on board, it fractures YouTube into videos supported by Red and those that aren’t. The logic goes “If YouTube didn’t require everyone to sign on, why would anyone sign on?”

At the same time, being forced to sign up to a new ad-revenue deal — one that Google won’t publicly share — is an unfortunate situation to be in if you’re a video creator on YouTube. Especially when your choice is “Do this or have your livelihood removed from the internet.” 

It looks like some of YouTube’s most popular video creators haven’t just already signed up, but are working directly with YouTube Red to create original content that’s coming in early 2016. Here’s a trailer for Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s new show, “Scare PewDiePie”:

We reached out to Google for more information on the policy and a response to concerns about YouTube Red.

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