Here's Your First Look At Google's New YouTube App For iPhone

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Photo: Kevin Smith, Business Insider

Google released a brand new YouTube app for iPhone last night that’s designed to replace the one that comes with your phone. (Apple decided to remove the built-in app when it launches its new operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 6, in a few days.)

We took the app for a spin this morning, and it’s definitely a huge improvement over the boring app Apple has shipped with the iPhone since 2007.

The new YouTube is quick, smooth, and best of all, fresh.

We’ve been stuck using the same stale YouTube app on our iPhones for some time now. Apple’s app was clunky and boring compared to what Google just launched.

The new YouTube app is free and available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

It took us a little bit of searching but we were able to find the new YouTube app.

The new YouTube icon. Tap to open.

The opening screen is dark and mysterious.

And we're in! The new YouTube greets us with some suggested videos.

If we slide to the right, a neat sidebar is revealed. Within the sidebar we can sign into our account, view settings, and have access to all of YouTube's channels.

We selected the auto channel. It provided us with tons of videos on super cars.

Once we were signed in some favourite channels also popped up on the sidebar.

Here is the AtGoogleTalks channel, which features some cool talks from Google employees and guests.

If you tap the search bar, a microphone will appear to the right of where you type. Tap the microphone and you can speak your queries.

Also within the sidebar you can access settings. Settings allow you to manage your Home Feed and Safe Search Filtering, among other things.

We finally got to play a video. We love how the new app doesn't automatically tilt the video to horizontal. It's also easy to view information about the video and comments.

Here is a video in the horizontal orientation. The controls are much less obtrusive. Overall, we really like the new YouTube app. It is a welcomed addition and we can't wait to see the iPad app.

Now check out some other apps.

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