YouTube Hit Video Secrets Revealed!

We’ve already written about “Where The Hell Is Matt?” — the viral video hit of of the month — two times. Today the New York Times did the same thing!

So, time to congratulate our nimble, Webby selves on beating the hidebound MSM? Sure! But not before acknowledging that the Times did some worthwhile things with its video coverage that we didn’t do. Like… talking to the video’s creator, Matt Harding. They learned some cool stuff! Like:

  • Matt is 31. He’s been doing his special dance for several years. He started back when he lived in Brisbane, Australia.
  • He sleeps in a lot.
  • His dad suggested that he pass on college, and Matt took his advice. Apparently dad is generous with advice and money: Matt has worked at a video game store and as a designer but he really likes to travel: “It’s one thing I’m really good at.”¬† (Note: The Minneapolis StarTribune has a slightly different take — it says that Matt “essentially got rich as a video-game creator in Seattle.” Please, mainstream newspapers: Get to the bottom of this!)
  • ¬†Matt’s girlfriend, Melissa Nixon, works for Google.

Thanks, New York Times! And thanks, Gawker for pointing this out!

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Vimeo: Hey, People Are Watching Our Videos!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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