YouTube Has The Ultimate Silicon Valley Office, Complete With Swimming Pool And Two-Story Slide

YouTube lap pool 4x3

Photo: Matt Rosoff Business Insider

Silicon Valley offices are famous for their wide-open spaces, creative designs, and amazing perks.But YouTube takes the cake.

The video service is owned by Google, but the office is located about 20 miles away from the main Google headquarters, in a big glass building that was formerly occupied by the Gap.

In addition to the free food that most big tech companies offer, there’s an on-site gym, walking trail, full-length lap pool, and indoor putting green. You literally never have to leave.

Not to mention one of the best slides in Silicon Valley.

Check it out here….

Here's the building, a big glassy building with curved roofs. It's in a town called San Bruno, about 20 miles north of Google's Mountain View headquarters.

Walk up the sweeping curved staircase...

To the front door...

And into the big open two-story lobby.

The first thing you see is two framed pictures of YouTube's founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. They no longer work there.

The lobby had this big neon sign the day we visited. It was from a recent promotion for YouTube Presents, the live concert series.

Here's a welcome wall with images from famous YouTube videos.

Here's David after visiting the dentist's office.

The original Sh*t Girls Say.

The talking twin babies.

And, just so you don't think YouTube is all about silly stuff, here's a shot of an instructional video from the Khan Academy.

Check out the Khan Academy Channel.

The cafe is off to the left.

It's pretty standard for Silicon Valley -- deluxe for everywhere else. This is Google, so all the food is free. We came after lunch.

You can also sit outside. But what's that colourful thing in the background?

It's a basketball court with a crazy mural, painted by local artists, including Alex Pardee, and a former YouTuber named Jeben Berg. Try sinking a free throw with that monster looking on!

Here's a walking trail. People often have 'walk and talk' meetings out here.

If walking doesn't do it for you, there's a full gym in the basement. It's really nice. Free, of course.

There's also a full-length lap pool.

These long hallways connect all the office spaces.

The place is filled with displays connected to Google TV boxes. That means you can call up YouTube on any of them. The top middle screen here is showing YouTube's broadcast from the recent Coachella music festival.

Here's an alarming mural painted by the same guy who did the basketball court.

The walls are filled with rotating art displays. Some of it, like this abstract Dark Side of the Moon poster, is for sale.

This is where the music team sits. Note all the CD covers on the back wall. Unfortunately, a lot of people were at an off-site meeting the day we visited, so the office was pretty empty.

The all-important copyright team usually sits here.

Here's Maggie Shiels and Jacques Hebert from the communications team.

They love their Internet memes around here. This is ceiling cat. He's watching you.

The conference rooms are named after memes also. This is Lolcats.

This one is named after Rebecca Black's song 'Fun Fun Fun Fun'. She signed it when she visited.

This flow chart helps you decide what to watch on YouTube.

Here's a magazine cover from a few years back. It's funny to think that Facebook and YouTube once had fewer than 100 employees each. It's also interesting to compare those two companies with Tagged and Meebo, which are both still thriving and successful, but much less famous.

Teams take turns hosting after-hours cocktails at the Tiki Bar. Each team tries to come up with its own special drink.

And last of all -- a two-story super-fast slide.

Be sure you read the rules first.

It's fast, but I survived without injury.

Now, check out another cool office with a fast and furious slide...

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