YouTube Ends The 'Sweetheart Deals' Enjoyed By TV And Film Studios

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YouTube restructured the terms in partnerships it has with TV networks and major film studios. The new terms put an end to “sweetheart deals,” wherein TV and film producers would keep up to 70% of ad revenues — now their share has been reduced to 55%.

YouTube says it hopes to have all its partnerships, which includes CBS and Warner Bros., transitioned to the new revenue split by January 2014.

In Other News …

Michael Kors ran the first ad on Instagram. (TechCrunch)

Twitter is working aggressively to expand its business overseas in an attempt to sway investors. The company said it would open up its self-service advertising system outside the U.S. and is currently repositioning many of its top executives in emerging markets. (WSJ)

The New York Times has a lengthy profile out on Gary Vanerchuk, who runs his own social media brand consulting agency. Vanerchuk is a leading brand marketer who has helped companies such as G.E. leverage social media in creative ways. (New York Times)

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we compare the world’s largest social networks in two ways. First, we evaluate the biggest properties side-by-side in terms of total audience size. Then we analyse the markets where each has the most growth potential, and their demographics in terms of country-of-origin.
(BI Intelligence)

According to venture capitalist Bill Gurley, ephemerality is here to stay in social networking, and it’s what has helped Snapchat draw teens away from Facebook. (TechCrunch)

Twitter and other San Francisco-based tech companies are helping to accelerate the gentrification process throughout parts of the city. (New York Times)

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