The Incredible Rise Of The YouTube Celebrity Explained In One Quote

InTourFullscreen/INTOURFans of various YouTube celebs hold up their meet-and-greet cards at Fullscreen’s INTOUR event earlier this month.

“Online video and over-the-top video is the fastest growing area of the media industry. Fullscreen is right in the middle of an amazing transformation in how individual creators and talent are breaking down all the traditional barriers of reaching their audiences. Creators are speaking directly to their audiences and getting direct feedback from their fans. This type of communication and fandom is powerful. It changes how content is created and distributed on a global scale. We think this trend will only continue.”

This quote is from the president of the Chernin Group, Jesse Jacobs, in an email to Business Insider.

The Chernin Group, along with AT&T, owns Otter Media, a company that earlier this week purchased a stake in YouTube talent management company Fullscreen for $US200 million to $US300 million.

Fullscreen manages YouTubers with millions of subscribers, helping them get in front of the right audience, partner with the right brands, and get top-dollar ads to run on their channels. Otter Media understands that this idea that the YouTube stardom is not a fad but the beginning of a new wave of what we understand as “celebrity.”

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