YouTube star Casey Neistat flew in a new Emirates first class suite — and he called it the ‘all time greatest aeroplane seat’

Casey Neistat reclines on his Emirates flight. YouTube
  • YouTube star Casey Neistat checked out Emirates’ new first class suites on a flight from Brussels to Dubai.
  • He said the experience was “everything he ever wanted.”

Last month, Emirates revealed its highly-anticipated new private first class suites, complete with doors, a service window for refreshments, and “zero-gravity” beds

The 40-square-foot private suites, which were inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, reportedly start at £7,000 ($US9,300) one-way – and Casey Neistat tested one out and shared the experience with his 8.3 million YouTube subscribers.

Neistat – who is known for sharing his stunts and luxury travel experiences – recently flew from Brussels to Dubai on an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft. He was sat in one of the airline’s exclusive private suites, which he calls the “all-time greatest aeroplane seat.”

Casey Neistat

After being shown to his seat, he shows viewers the suite’s amenities including a sliding door and windows, a reclining seat that turns into a lie-flat bed, two closets, two TVs, a fold-up vanity mirror, and its snack and drink selection.

Casey Neistat

“This feels more like an extremely elegant hotel room than it does an aeroplane seat,” he says, going on to say that the legroom “borders on ridiculous.”

Casey Neistat

“You could fit a small family down here,” he added.

He places a video call to room service…

Casey Neistat

Sits and enjoys a multi-course meal with a white linen cloth…

Casey Neistat

Then has flight attendants make his bed before dimming the lights and settling down to sleep.

And he does it all while dressed in a full Christmas-themed suit.

“That really was all it was cracked up to be,” he says. “It was everything I ever wanted.”

Watch the video here: