"Youth Against Banks" Partiers Break Into What They Think Is An HSBC Mansion


A Facebook group called “Youth Against The Banks” staged a wild party at the Mayfair Mansion in London, according to The Guardian.

“We didn’t break in, we got in through an open window.,” said Oliver Fox, one of the organisers.

“It’s not illegal, that’s just how squatting works.”

Oliver Fox and Niel Fraser said they planned the event and just invited 200 friends each, not expecting the party to grow as large as it did.

They apparently thought that the Mayfair Mansion is party owned by HSBC. The bank hasn’t yet said whether or not they do.

Let’s hope not for their sake. When police arrived, they estimated there were more than 2,000 people partying in the mansion.

The party sounds awesome up until the point where police got “heavy handed” and partiers pelted them with bottles and bricks.

Read more about the rebel party on The Guardian.

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