This Company Will Only Accept 'Twitter Resumes' For A Six-Figure Job

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Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

By now, many employers think that who you are online is more revealing of your character than a résumé.Some companies have decided to stop accepting paper résumés altogether.

“The paper résumé is dead,” Vala Afshar, chief marketing officer at Enterasys,” told Bruce Horovitz at USA Today. “The Web is your résumé. Social networks are your mass references.”

For the next month, Enterasys — a wireless network provider — will be considering applicants for a six-figure senior social media position, but no paper résumés will be accepted. Instead, the company has decided to recruit solely via Twitter.

Jennifer Grabowski, a spokesperson for the company, tells us that candidates need to have a minimum Klout score above 60, a minimum Kred influence score of 725, a Kred outreach of at least eight, and more than 1,000 active Twitter followers in order to be considered. Enterasys is hoping to fill the position by April.

Although solely focusing on a candidate’s tweets is still an uncommon recruiting tactic, more are heading that direction. Rachel Emma Silverman at The Wall Street Journal reported that when Union Square Ventures needed an investment analyst last year, the VC firm asked applicants to send in links that represented their “web presence,” such as social media or blog accounts. 

It’s true that Union Square Ventures invests heavily in Internet companies, but everyone should be paying close attention to their online presence. That means keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, setting up a Google alert for your name, and using Twitter strategically.

Rosa E. Vargas at Careerealism wrote that on Twitter it’s important to use “jargon / keywords specific to your target industry” for a competitive edge, and include hashtags with keywords in your tweets so that you’re more likely to pop up in searches.

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