A $38 supercharge will get your Tesla from Sydney to Melbourne

Electric car maker Tesla has just announced the Australian pricing for “filling up” at its supercharging stations.

The Supercharger network was built by the company to enable drivers to quickly give their cars a charge on long-distance journeys. The privilege of doing so used to be free, but in November Tesla announced that cars ordered after January 15, 2017 would only receive 400 kWh of free supercharging credits per year – roughly equating to 1,600km.

On Friday, the company revealed that Australian customers would be charged $0.35 per kWh for supercharges exceeding the free limit.

“We are only aiming to recover a portion of our costs and set up a fair system for everyone — this will never be a profit centre for Tesla,” the company wrote.

Tesla stated that the excess charges would “always” be cheaper than petrol. It is understood that the 35 cent rate equates to about $38 for a drive from Sydney to Melbourne.

The company also insisted that most people would not exceed the annual free cap.

“We carefully considered current Supercharger usage and found that 400 kWh covers the annual long-distance driving needs of the majority of our owners,” stated the company on its blog.

“As a result, most owners will continue to enjoy the benefits of Supercharging on road trips at no additional cost.”

Tesla has instructed drivers in the past to use supercharging only on long-distance journeys and to charge their cars at home overnight for day-to-day use.

In the US, the company quoted $15 for a supercharged journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and $120 for a cross-country road trip from Los Angeles to New York.

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