Your Next Corporate Event Will Be In Branson, Missouri


Even though it’s a cheap place with excellent facilities, politicians have launched a war on Las Vegas junkets. And frankly, even if politicians didn’t care, the site of people partying it up there doesn’t play well in the media right now. Understandable.

So where is your annual meeting organisation Of The Society Of Bail Bondsment going to take place? Try Branson, MO — the Las Vegas of the heartland, where great acts like Barbra Mandrel and Tony Orlando have played. It’s got conventions facilities, a bright-lights “strip” and it’s in the heart of the midwest.

An attack on Branson is like an attack on applie pie. And we expect that good ol’ apple pie will be coming back in style soon.

We talked to Lynn Berry, of the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau. So far she says, “I can’t say that there has been any clamor to come to Branson,” but that actually corporate events are up from last year. They’ve just launched a new convention centre, check it out here, and a new airport is opening in May.

As for their clientele, she says they’re “Mostly from the central part of the united states, not getting
business from the left coast.”

It’s only a matter of time.

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