Tesla's New Valuation Is $550 Million

musk scratching head

Daimler was very careful not to specify how much it paid for its 10% of Tesla, only saying that it was “double-digit millions.” Luckily for those of us interested in the specifics, Elon Musk is not quite as careful.

He told reporters the amount invested by Daimler is “between $0 and $100 million.” According to BusinessWeek, that means it is $50 million. Sounds right to us.

In case there’s any confusion or doubt, “a source with knowledge of the deal” tells TechCrunch, indeed, Daimler invested $50 million, giving Tesla a very rich $550 million valuation.

Further, TechCrunch says that Tesla is all set to receive $350 million in federal loans, so we should see the Model S in the next few years.

Kudos to Tesla, the company was on the mat last fall, and now its got a fresh slug of cash, with more on the way. Its gone through two full body cavity searches courtesy of Daimler and the government, so, in theory, it should be in decent shape for the future.

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