“Your mum’s House” Proves To Be A Popular Travel Destination

More people might stay at your mum’s house than a hotel on their next trip. A search for “your mum’s house” on Google yields about 3.6 million results. To compare, a search for “Super 8 hotel” returned just 523,000 listings.

These results might be a recent trend due to the poor economy with more people deciding to visit your mum at home rather than splurge on taking her to a night at the Super 8.

On the location-based social network Foursquare, there are 18 listings for your mum’s house in the Los Angeles area alone. Not all mum’s houses are equally popular though: some have received no check-ins whereas others have had more than 100.

A precursory review of the tips guests left on Foursquare also shows a wide deviation in the services your mum’s house offers: suggestions ranged from “scream into the pillow” to “lots of vegan baked goods.”

A recent study from Forrester Research on the profile of location-based social network users found they are 78 per cent men with an average age of 32. So it’s likely that most of the people visiting your mum’s house are virile men.

That your mum’s house is probably most popular with younger males is a fact travel businesses will want to note—it means the industry has a great opportunity to convert this lucrative demographic into lifelong customers of your mum’s house.