Your Law Firm Is Not Your Friend

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You work there upwards of 60 hours per week (or more), your Blackberry leash keeps you at its beck and call and you’ve canceled major vacations and missed your cousin’s weddings just to keep its clients happy.

So shouldn’t you expect a little loyalty from your firm? In a word, no.

LawShucks provides a post from the Hiring Partner’s Office today with a friendly reminder that your firm is a business and that those barely dipping revenues and increased profits per partner should not be a surprise at all. When firms were threatened with terrible numbers, they cut associates and staff and other costs in a way that made sure partners did not take too much of a hit.


“Law firms need to be profitable.  If they are not, many “star” partners will get frustrated (often quickly) and move on. that leaves the firm with less business – since rainmakers left – and others could follow,” Hiring Partner wrote. Paraphrasing Gordon Gekko, she noted that greed is the name of the game and that partners are, quite simply “NOT YOUR FRIENDS.” And that means you are only “secure” as long as you are billing big hours and actually bringing in business. And even then, you are not indispensable.

Unfortunately, such tough love is necessary for lawyers to hear sometimes. On one hand, hers are obvious statements. On the other hand, when you are giving your blood, sweat, tears and time away from your real friends, you expect a bit in return. It’s good to remind yourself every once in a while that, in the end, only your productivity matters.

The partners you work for may love you, but that love does not translate into a permanent appointment with the firm.

The full post is worth a read — in this climate, the importance of rainmaking cannot be underestimated and her comparisons of “finders” to “grinders” will serve as wake-up call 2.0 for the day.

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