Your Kids Will Have A Better Life If You Move To Canada

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Photo: ToBreatheAsOne on flickr

Worried your kids will have a bleak future if they live in America? Maybe it’s time to leave.HSBC’s fifth annual Expat Survey identified Canada as the best place for expats to raise kids.

Canada was the cheapest place to raise a kid, and it ranked in the top four for safety, education, and childcare. 

Kids in Canada play more sports than anywhere else, and rank near the top in time spent with parents, and lack of time in front of the TV.

A full 97 per cent of expat parents in Canada said their kids were enjoying living there. 

HSBC said, “Canada proved a popular choice among expat parents with one fifth (20 per cent) of expat parents living in the country suggesting that of all of the expat locations, they would choose to relocate elsewhere within the country rather than choose a new location or move back to their home country.”

Netherlands and Hong Kong were the next best places for kids.

But if you’ve got no kids and lots of money, the primo destination is Singapore.

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