Your Gadget Obsession Is Going Raise The World's Electric Bills By $200 Billion


This morning International Energy Association called on governments around the world to implement new policies to make electronic devices more energy efficient.

Televisions, mobile phones, computers, etc., already eat up 15% of home electricity usage. By 2022, that will double unless things change. By 2030, it might triple, says the EIA. In the next seven months, it says over 1 billion people will be using PCs. There’s already 2 billion t.v. sets in use and half the world is using a mobile device.

As the demand for electronics increases, the EIA says it will require 280 Gigawatts of new energy to be implemented, and it could cost the world $200 billion in new electricity bills. That’s not that bad, considering they think developing nations will be picking up new gadgets at sharp clip. China plans on installing 120 GW of wind and solar by 2020.

So, we appreciate the warning, and agree that we all need to be a little more careful with our energy use, but guessing the state of gadgets in 2020, or 2030 seems risky. We don’t even know what kind of geeky things will be on the market by Christmas of this year, let alone what will be happening by 2020.

Heck, by then our iPods could be fuelled by our own excrement. We wouldn’t put it past wily Steve Jobs.

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