Your Dream Of Spending Your Entire Life At Ikea Is Now Complete: You Can Sleep There

Do you think the toys come to life when Ikea closes?

If you already think you’ve spent too many hours navigating the maze that is the Tempe Ikea in Sydney, there’s nothing to see in this story, move on…

But if you go there for the meatballs, $1 hotdogs and the chance spend half a day scouring warehouse shelves for 16-digit part numbers, then have we got the PR stunt for you!

The accommodation website Airbnb has teamed up Ikea to offer a sleepover in one of the bed displays at the Tempe store on Sunday, August 31. You can count allen keys until you drift off…

Apparently the plan is to wake up the guests using the methods drawn from a nationwide poll of how Aussies dream of being woken up. A good morning peck on the cheek from Miranda Kerr as she brings Business Insider a cup of tea sounds just fine, thank you.

One small detail: there will be media coverage, so just think about how you look at 7am in your PJs before signing up.

If you’re still keen to sleep at Ikea, you have until 5pm Tuesday to register. Sweet dreams.

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