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Recent Australian jobs data has been nothing short of stellar, and if the latest job ads report from Seek is anything to go by, that trend looks set to continue in the months ahead.

There’s not only more jobs available than a year ago, but a lot, and it’s being driven by Australia’s smaller states and territories.

Yet another sign that the improvement in the Australian economy, once limited to the south-eastern states, is now starting to broaden across the country.

According to Seek, total job ads increased by 12.6% in July compared to the same period in 2016, driven by a pickup in non-full-time positions.

Source: Seek

“There was an increasing difference in the rate of growth between full-time and non-full-time job advertising on SEEK, with non-full-time jobs growing at a faster rate. This is a trend we’ve witnessed since late 2010,” said Kendra Banks, chief commercial officer for SEEK Australia and New Zealand.

Although non-full-time ads grew at a faster pace than full-time roles, Banks said that the latter remained the most advertised role type over the past financial year.

Source: Seek

While part-time, casual and contract roles are often seen as being lesser compared to full-time positions, the increase in this category suggests that employers, seeing economic conditions improve in the past year, are now looking to meet demand by increasing staffing levels.

The preference for non-full-time workers indicates that there’s still a degree of uncertainty as to whether the improvement in the economy will last. However, if they do continue to strengthen, it’s likely that many of these roles could become full-time in nature in the period ahead.

Adding to the positive headline increase in positions available, Seek said that ads increased in all states and territories over the past year.

Source: Seek

“In the mining-dominated states a recovery is underway, with ads on SEEK up 16.8% in Western Australia and 20.2% in Queensland,” said Banks.

The annual pace of growth in Queensland was the strongest since 2011.

Advertisements in Tasmania, up a massive 22% over the year, grew at the fastest rate of any state and territory.

“Industries fuelling this growth were healthcare and medical (+38%), trades and services (+48%) and hospitality and tourism (+19%),” Banks said.

Strong results were also reported in South Australia and the Northern Territory where ads increased by 19.8% and 17.5% respectively.

Source: Seek

In New South Wales and Victoria, Australia’s most populous states, there was also good news — growth in advertisements is starting to accelerate, although it remains well below the levels seen in other parts of the country.

“The pace of advertising is picking up in our country’s largest labour markets of New South Wales (+7.3%) and Victoria (+14.1%),” said Banks.

Mirroring the performance across the country, ads across most industries also grew over the past year, and in some cases rapidly.

This chart from Seek shows the year-on-year change in advertisement levels on its site in July.

Source: Seek

Although off a low base, the performance of one industry in particular stood out — growth in advertisements for mining, resources and energy workers which surged by 73%.

“The pick-up of exploration activities by mining companies, especially in Western Australia after cutbacks over the past few years, is driving job advertising growth,” Banks said.

In terms of total advertisements placed, Seek said that the information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry remained in top spot during July.

“Australia is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world, and businesses are increasingly relying on technology and software solutions to support their operations. As a result, ICT professionals are in high demand to create and manage these new technologies,” said Banks.

Aside from ICT, there were also a large number of ads placed for workers in the trades and services, healthcare and medical and manufacturing, transport and logistics industries during July.

Source: Seek

Whether by location or industry, it’s clear that broader labour market conditions continue to improve.

However, for those looking for more information on a granular level, it’s clear from the carts below which skills and where are in high demand at present.

Here’s the trend in job advertisements in Australia’s most populous states.

Source: Seek

And finally, the smaller states and territories.

Source: Seek

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