Your 3G Motorola Xoom Can Now Send Real SMS Text Messages

3G Motorola Xoom SMS hack

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Tablet makers are shy on including functionality like native texting and calling on their devices, even though the hardware is all present.Just look at the iPad or Xoom. The 3G radios are there, as well as microphones and headphones for listening to calls. 

A tweak by an XDA hacker looks to add this functionality to rooted Xoom devices.

You can send and receive real SMS texts (as if you were using an Android phone) and you can attempt calls, but the mic isn’t working yet. 

The tweak also comes with a package enabling you to use the same great looking lock-screen animation the Nexus S uses to make your Xoom look like a 1950s TV turning off when you put it to sleep.

Download the apk file here, then head over to Droid Life for a complete how-to.

(This hack applies to rooted XOOMs only, so use it at your own risk.)

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