Check Out Young Wall Street Partying For Charity In New York

young wall street bowery

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomberg

Young Wall Street philanthropists partied it up this week while raising at least $25,000 for the Bowery Mission, Bloomberg reported.The Bowery Mission helps the homeless on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The event was held on the Bowery Hotel terrace. 

The event was organised by The Bowery Mission Young Philanthropists.

The event’s co-chair, Marathon Asset Management investment analyst, Mario Caicedo, has lived close to the Bowery Mission for a decade. He began volunteering at the Mission five years ago and serves meals there twice every month.

Sarah Alexander with Michael Alexander of Marathon Asset Management

L-R: The event's co-chair Mario Caicedo, an analyst at Marathon Asset Management, Elsbeth Carter, a head hunter, and Bernard Horvilleur from BofA/Merrill Lynch

Geraldine Kim works in quantitative risk management at the Fed. Julia Kadioglu is a VP at HSBC. They both volunteer at the Mission.

L-R: Lawyer Luke Thara with Ana Carvalho and Dan Beksha, who both work in finance.

Heidi Kaufman, who works as a major gifts associate for the Bowery Mission charity.

Marathon's VP Jeffrey Stroll and managing director Andrew Brady.

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