Young Wall Street went black tie on Thursday night

Young Wall Street brushed off the tuxedos and ball gowns on Thursday night and came together for the first annual Paradise Fund Casino Gala in New York City.

Hosted by Paradise Fund co-founders Kent Anderson, H. Loy Anderson III, and Christopher DiSchino, the event was the first of its kind in New York, although they have been holding similar casino galas in Palm Beach since 2011.

Proceeds from the event will go to the Boys & Girls Harbour, a non-profit based in East Harlem.

The evening was a flurry of high fashion, live jazz music, and, of course, lots of poker and craps. Take a look inside.

Welcome to The Racquet and Tennis Club, where the Paradise Fund's first NYC gala took place.

VIP guests gathered for a reception before the gambling began. Alex and Leeana Smith-Ryland said they were lifelong friends of H. Loy Anderson, one of the event's hosts.

Lots of guests came from the fashion and retail industries: here are Netty Devonshire and Dan Carroll of J Crew.

And here's Kelly Karakul, of Saks Fifth, with Dan Carroll.

Richard Liao and Leona Qi posed in the entrance.

Then guests began to file into the 'casino' area.

There was also a private 'high roller' lounge for VIP guests.

Kim Nichols, Anna Voorhees Ramirez, Christine Pedersen, and Milena Duke tried their luck at the poker table.

Paradise Fund co-founder Chris DiSchino, of DiSchino & Company, posed with Amy Bronstien.

Guests Su Ebelle and Sara Long worked the room together.

In exchange for a $250 ticket, guests got the chance to 'gamble' for prizes (VIP tickets started at $500).

Here's what some of those prizes looked like.

Don't forget the blue suede shoes.

And some of the Paradise Fund's missions.

Although Thursday night's proceeds went to a charity in Harlem, the fund also has a large presence in Haiti.

Back in the 'Paradise Casino,' things started to pick up.

Ben Kosinski of Kosinski Ventures played poker with Saul Cardenas, Dan Folkman.

There were craps tables too.

And it looked like a lot of fun.

Farley Rentschler, here with Laura Mari, said she'd attended past Paradise Fund events in Palm Beach.

Billie Carroll, from the British reality show 'Made in Chelsea,' posed with Bunny Laughlin, Peter Lunenburg, George Merck, and Nicholas De Kwiatkowski.

Cat Dewey rocked a gorgeous red dress next to Marisa and Dylan Walsh.

Meanwhile, the VIP lounge started to fill up.

...the music picked up too.

We caught up with fashion folk Nicole Franco and Max Jones, of Salvatore Ferragamo, and Madeline Swanson, of Vogue.

And here are Dani Hyland and Shana Altschuler.

Back at the poker tables, Alexander Brown, Jack Fayer, and Laura Jimenez Manrique played a round together.

Austin Smith, Kingsley Lynch, Missey Condi took a break from their poker game to pose for a photo.

By the end of the night, the 'casino' was packed.

And the fun never seemed to let up.

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