This Chart Will Keep Cable Execs Up All Night

Americans are increasingly abandoning traditional television. 

In 2007, the number of “Zero-TV” households was around 2 million. It has since grown to more than 5 million, according to a recent Nielsen report

We first saw the news on Google Ventures Partner MG Siegler’s personal blog. 

Nielsen defines “Zero-TV” households as those that don’t fit into its definition of a TV household. It doesn’t mean that those households don’t have traditional TV sets, but it’s just that the majority of them get their content from computers, tablets, and smartphones. In short, it means they’re not paying for cable. 

But here’s the real kicker: nearly half of these “Zero-TV” households are under the age of 35, marking a clear trend in our viewing habits. 

Anyway, look at this chart…it shows a tidal wave coming TV’s way:

zero tv households skew younger

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