Three Out Of Four Young Adults Delete Social Media Posts Over Fears They Could Harm Their Careers

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[STUDY] 74% Of Young Adults Delete Social Media Content To Avoid Negative Impact On Career (Media Bistro)
According to a survey of 1,000 American adults, 29% of people aged 18-34 said they have posted a photo, comment, or other personal info they fear could compromise their current or future job prospects. However, it seems many are thinking, “better safe than sorry,” as a full 74% of respondents in that age group removed something to avoid a negative reaction from an employer or prospective employer. Read >

Bangladesh Is The Third Largest National Source Of Facebook Likes (The Guardian)
Brands hungry for acquiring “Likes” on their Facebook pages, are now fueling a rampant community of “click-farms.” A team of undercover filmmakers went to Bangladesh where they found people working for $US1 in exchange for generating 1,000 Likes on Facebook. This is a serious problem for the social network. Read >

Choosing A Platform-Specific Brand Strategy And Making It Work (BI Intelligence)

In a new report from BI Intelligence,
Business Insider’s paid research service, we dig into the reasons why platform-centric approaches make more sense, and explore how to make them work. Here are the benefits:

  1. Social media budgets become more manageable. Your organisation will no longer leak dollars with a half-hearted attempt to be, and post everywhere.
  2. Brands and businesses will gain a more authentic voice. It’s difficult to develop a genuine, humanized voice on every platform. Attention to a single network will help brands cultivate a more persuasive personality.
  3. Become more efficient. Many companies on social media see a great deal of success on one platform, but still grind away at others. Why not focus resources on where your engagement is deepest?

Click through for an in-depth look at all the benefits of a social network-native strategy. Read >

LinkedIn Posts Strong Second Quarter Revenue And User Base Growth (BI Intelligence)
LinkedIn’s community grew 9.2% compared to the previous quarter, hitting 238 million members, according to second quarter
company resultsannounced August 1.

This represents the largest percentage quarterly gain in users since the first quarter of 2012.

Average monthly unique visitors or UVs reached 143 million during the quarter — representing an 8.3% gain from the previous quarter. That’s marginally better than the quarterly gain in UVs realised in the previous four earnings results. Read >

Facebook Hires Its First Chief Marketing Officer (Circa)

Gary Briggs was the former head of marketing at Motorola Mobility. Read >

Tencent Goes After The Money With WeChat (The Next Web)

Chinese Internet giant Tencent has added in-app purchases — including mobile payments to friends — in an effort to monetise its world-popular WeChat messaging service. Read >

Former Facebook CTO And Google Maps Creator Launches New Startup
(Business Insider)
Bret Taylor and former Googler Kevin Gibbs have revealed Quip, a collaborative word processing service for mobile devices. Read >
Facebook Engineering Manager Joins Square (AllFacebook)
Rong Yan, who worked on Facebook’s ad engineering team for the past four years, has joined Square as its new data science lead. Read >

Facebook Will Discuss News Feed, Ranking Algorithm At August 6 Event (Sprout Social)
Facebook is holding a press event on August 6 at 10 a.m. (PST) to help outsiders understand the inner workings of News Feed and the ranking algorithm that influences it. Read >

Social Media Aggregator RebelMouse Raises $US10.25 Million (TechCrunch)
Founder and CEO Paul Berry (formerly CTO of the Huffington Post) signals a little bit of a move from the company being incredibly scrappy, to beginning to focus on being scalable. Read >

Market Share Breakdown Among Browsers, Mobile Vendors, Operating Systems, And Social Platforms (Kissmetrics)

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