You’ll Never Guess The Name Of The Anonymous Actress Who Sued IMDB For Revealing Her Age

The actress who had anonymously sued and its owner,, for posting her age has revealed her name in an amended complaint against the companies.

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, identifies the actress as Huong Hoang — though the complaint notes, “Prior to and throughout her acting career, Plaintiff has only and always presented herself to the public by her American stage name, Junie Hoang. 

Read the full amended complaint here.

Hoang (pictured) is seeking $1 million from the companies for revealing her age in her profile, which she says happened after she signed up for IMDB’s pay service, IMDB Pro. In her original complaint, Hoang claimed that her acting prospects had been damaged by the revelation of her age.

Hoang’s IMDB profile lists her date of birth as July 16, 1971, and her place of birth as Saigon, Vietnam. Her recent roles include one-episode appearances on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” as “Triage Nurse,” and “1000 Ways to Die,” as “Sharon,”

Late last month, the judge gave Hoang two weeks to file an amended complaint with her name included.

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This post originally appeared at The Wrap.