The F-35B Will Make This New $2.4 Billion Navy Ship A Very Economical Aircraft Carrier

The Department of defence just announced that shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls will be paid an additional $2.4 billion to produce a massive amphibious ship for the navy, the Tripoli, to be completed by 2018. 

It’s part of the new America class of attack ships that the Navy is buying. Tripoli  will be manufactured almost entirely at the shipbuilding conglomerate’s Pascagoula, Mississippi location. 

The ship will hold more than one thousand crew and nearly 1,600 troops. Here are some of the other specs: 

  • 844 feet long and 106 feet wide and will displace 44,971 tons
  • Capable of carrying one Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
  • That includes helicopters, the MV-22 Osprey aircraft, and the new F-35B Joint Strike Fighter. 
  • Fuel-efficient gas turbine engine can take it to 23 mph

The $2.4 billion also buys crew training and familiarization, technical manuals, and engineering and post-delivery industrial services. 
As a comparison, the brand new U.S.S. Gerald Ford Aircraft carrier — the most expensive weapon in existence — will cost $11.5 billion. 

The Tripoli

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