You’ll Never Believe This Ridiculous Little Noise Was Uttered By Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg laughing

[credit provider=”Getty Images / Justin Sullivan”]

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t code much anymore, but he stretched out his fingers to help create Facebook’s new Poke app.The new Poke app lets you send a quick message, photo or video to a friend on a mobile device. It’s currently the #2 app in the App Store.

Zuckerberg didn’t just code the app either. His voice is actually the one that says “Poke” when you get a push notification on your phone.

It’s a small, ridiculous noise that you won’t believe was produced by the young billionaire.

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine says the initial recording was just for fun. “My sources say that Facebook’s CEO recorded the sound snippet on his phone as a joke,” he writes. “But he was convinced to run the sample through some audio filters and let it become the soundtrack to the modern Poke.”

Here’s the ridiculous recording Zuckerberg made that we won’t be able to escape: