You'll Never Believe This Awesome, Tricked Out Office Is A Part Of AOL

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The office of AOL Ventures, the venture capital arm of AOL, is hardly a stuffy, corporate place.Exposed brick walls and funky decor reflect the cool up-and-coming startups AOL Ventures financially backs. The office also doubles as home to tech companies like Turntable and Codecademy.

QLabs and some other AOL properties, like Mapquest, also use the chic space. Of course the AOL Ventures team works here too.

The office is filled with modern art, vintage furniture, and some great entertainment options. That’s partially because one of the partners, Mike Brown, is an artist himself.

AOL Ventures is in the East Village on Broadway near Bond St.

The office oozes a warm, hip ambiance the moment you walk in.

The waiting area features a multimedia collage by Kevin Bourgeois, a New York-based artist. The piece was selected by Jonathan Stein from VNV Media. Stein is an entrepreneur who works out of AOL Ventures.

The office has a few of these cool antique movie set lights.

Definitely an appropriate sign to have near the office's entrance.

The main office area looks a chic hotel lobby.

Exposed brick and soft lighting give the office interior a warm, cozy feel. Large windows provide plenty of natural light near desks and work stations.

The place is filled with artwork. Mike Brown, an AOL Venture partner, stenciled this himself.

When AOL Ventures moved into the space it installed this garage door to create a meeting room with an open atmosphere.

The red theme throughout the office is partially the result of chance. When AOL Ventures moved in there was this big red pipe (a fire code requirement) and they liked the colour so they went with it.

An antique telephone booth from the UK works well with the red theme. It serves as a private space for a phone call (though you have to use your cell phone) and also helps establish the vintage chic theme of the space.

There are more comfortable private areas as well.

Even the books complement the tone of the office.

No tech space is complete without a game room, and the one here is pretty cool.

Going with their classic theme, AOL Ventures has the original Nintendo as well as some more modern gaming systems.

The space was recently used by a youth TED group. Their brainstorming Post-Its almost covered an entire wall in the game room.

Outside the game room there is a causal seating area and another giant art piece.

This mural by Mark Price was commissioned by AOL Ventures for the space.

In the back is another communal space with a pool table and a table for lunch or meetings.

The pool table is a mild brown with leather trim.

We saw the table in use by Jonathan Kupferman (left) from Turntable and Leng Lee from Codecademy. Part of the idea behind AOL Ventures is to bring creative techies from different companies together. (By the way, check out the awesome Business Insider water bottle! Represent.)

They also have a h.u.m.a.n. vending machine with healthy food in stock. Brown helped start the vending machine company.

The walls aren't only covered in art. Here is a Turntable shirt.

The kitchen is cramped, but there is a Keurig for coffee drinkers.

And a fridge full of food you would expect to see.

This little Lego man is chained to the corner of the metallic wall unit used to separate the kitchen/bathroom area from the hangout space.

The guys at Turntable are chained to their desks and working hard.

Sasha Laundy at Codecademy is also focused on her work. She just started a day before we stopped by. She was at Toolio but came to Codecademy because she loves what they are doing.

She uses this comfortable ergonomic keyboard.

The space is open and casual.

And of course it has the drinks needed to fuel tech creativity.

In the background is Zach Sims, one of Codecademy's founders. He previously worked with Brown at AOL Ventures before he and Ryan Bubinski launched their company.

The space is full of small offices for meetings and quiet places to work. In the office is Jonathan Stein -- remember, he picked the big mural in the waiting area. His company VNV Media helps entertainment artists effectively use all forms of media distribution.

In another meeting room, you can see the creative furniture used at the company. The chairs come from Etsy, eBay, and a range of other smaller companies that provide vintage furniture.

In the main room near the pool table is this mural by Imminent Disaster.

It is so high tech it even has a scan shows you how the piece was made.

Just around the corner is an awesome game, Simmer Down Sprinter. That's Brown, on the right.

The very old game was rewired by QLab hacker Eric Skiff. It reads your level of calmness. The calmer you are, the faster you run...tough to win when you are under a deadline, but a fun way to take a stress test.

Skiff also created this interactive art installation as part of a group project from a day at Resistor, a hacker training collective in Brooklyn.

The lights change colour and blink more rapidly depending on the distance of someone walking by.

It also uses this sensor to determine the distance of the walker.

And these small RGB lights from Adafruit in Brooklyn bring it all together.

Eric Skiff and his creation.

This part of the office houses companies more directly connected to AOL and AOL Ventures. At the desk closest is Moviepass.

Julie Hertz is a graphic designer at Moviepass, an all-you-can-eat monthly theatre ticket for movie goers.

She has these cool little toys near her desk.

One table down is Steve Heinz from Mapquest. Mapquest usually has a couple people working in the AOL Ventures office. Heinz came to Mapquest from another AOL property, Patch, the hyper-local news network.

And finally, we make our way to QLabs and AOL Ventures. The QLabs calendar is pretty cool.

Near the calendar is a list of heights of people in the office and how they stack up against celebrities.

The view from the corner. Brown might run the show, but he sits alongside everyone else. He's there on the right.

Before we leave we check in on Keegan Forte, who helps manage the office and has a lot to do with its design. Her Android toy sends us off.

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