You’ll Have To Go To This Lucky State To Try Burger King’s Ridiculous New Bacon Ice-Cream Sunday

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As a part of its corporate makeover with a new menu and new services, Burger King has been quietly testing a bacon ice cream sundae.While the Paula Deen-esque dessert hasn’t made a nation-wide splash, reported that it is undergoing a test run in Nashville, Tennessee. (Road trip?)

Earlier this month, BK announced a plan to revamp its menu to the tune of $750 million—although bacon infused ice cream doesn’t seem quite on track with its intended healthier image. Then again, it’s hard to break from nutritionally unsound habits. In January, Burger King premiered a 966 calorie Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Double Angus burger (with 58 grams of fat) in the U.K. that health officials declared to be “the height of irresponsibility.”

BK isn’t the first chain to jump on the bacon-train. Denny’s had a limited-time Maple Bacon Sundae during its 2011 “Baconalia” festival and Jack in the Box debuted a Bacon Milkshake in February.


Will you be trying the bacon ice cream sundae?