You'll Be Charged More For A Sydney Catholic School In A Wealthy Area

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Parents whose children attend Sydney Catholic schools in affluent areas will pay higher fees than those in poorer areas.

The Sydney Morning Herald says the policy of a flat fee will end next year.

Fees will rise by as much as 9% for about 35 schools in richer suburbs while some schools in poorer areas will get a fee cut.

In a letter to parents, the executive director of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney, Dan White, said changes to the Federal Government’s funding model meant schools in suburbs with higher socio-economic status would be expected to contribute more.

“As a result of this shift in the flow of government funding, it has become clear that the current system of charging the same tuition fee to every school in the archdiocese, regardless of its location, can no longer be sustained,” Dr White said.

The Catholic Education Office runs 150 parish primary and regional high schools in Sydney.

There are also 15 independent Catholic schools which set their own fees with about 16,000 students.

Fees at the Sydney schools are currently $991 a year for kindergarten to year 6, rising to $2,053 for years 11 and 12.

There’s more HERE.

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