Labour takes eight point lead over the Tories as support for Corbyn’s party surges

Jeremy Corbyn
Support for Jeremy Corbyn has surges since the general election. Jack Taylor / Getty
  • YouGov / Times poll finds Labour surging to 46% ahead of the Conservatives on 38%.
  • Labour’s 8-point lead is its highest in almost ten years.
  • Findings put pressure on Tories to find a successor to Theresa May.
  • Conservative MPs are reluctant to risk another general election.

LONDON — Labour have taken an eight point lead over the Conservatives as support for Jeremy Corbyn’s party surges following Theresa May’s failure to win a majority in the general election.

The new YouGov poll for the Times finds Labour up six points from the general election to 46% and the Conservatives on 38%.

YouGov / Times poll

  • Labour: 46%
  • Conservatives: 38%
  • Lib Dems: 6%
  • UKIP: 4%
  • Greens: 1%

It is the biggest lead for Labour in an opinion poll since the peak of Gordon Brown’s honeymoon period as prime minister in 2007.

If repeated at a general election, Labour would win a small majority of around 8 seats according to the Electoral Calculus website.

Electoral calculus

May under pressure

Six of the seven polls released since the general election have found Labour ahead of the Tories. The findings are likely to increase pressure on May to set out her plans for a succession to a new Conservative leader.

In recent weeks increasing divisions have emerged at the top of the government with Conservative ministers publicly disagreeing with each other on issues including public sector pay and the aims of Brexit negotiations.

Senior figures in the Cabinet have been jostling for position in the upcoming race to replace May. Last week Business Insider revealed that the Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom has been urged by “dozens” of MPs to put herself forward in any potential race, while a survey of Conservative members found that Brexit secretary David Davis is the current Tory favourite to replace the prime minister. Support for former frontrunner Boris Johnson seems to be in decline with Tory members giving him a satisfaction rating of just 38% compared to 78% for Davis.

However, while today’s poll will worry those around May, the findings are likely to sure up her position with most Conservative MPs reluctant to do anything that would force a second general election with the likely outcome of a Corbyn premiership.

As one Conservative MP told Business Insider when asked about the prospect of a second general election: “I never want to hear those four little words ‘Corbyn is prime minister'”.