POLL: The Tories are absolutely battering Labour

  • YouGov voter intention poll: Conservatives 40 / Labour 29
  • At this stage in the last electoral cycle, Labour was 6 points ahead in some polls
  • Labour is currently on course for an absolute hammering in the 2020 general election

Even by the current Labour Party’s standards, Wednesday has been a really bad day. Shortly after Theresa May savaged Jeremy Corbyn in her debut Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), a new YouGov poll was published, which gave a huge 11-point lead to the Tories (40% > 29%).

As the graphic below indicates, the new prime minister has enjoyed a dream start to her premiership. Labour’s popularity has plummeted while public faith in government is on the rise.

These kind of figures are unprecedented. Even the Labour party under Ed Miliband’s leadership, which went on to lose last year’s general election, was enjoying leads up to 6-points at this stage in the last electoral cycle. History says that opposition parties should almost always be leading the polls at this stage.

YouGov’s latest poll will be extra ammunition for Labour rebels, too, who claim that Corbyn is unelectable and ought to be replaced. At this rate, the party will be absolutely battered in the 2020 general election.

Yet, Corbyn is the overwhelming favourite going into the upcoming Labour leadership election. Owen Smith, a more moderate MP who wants to make the party a more viable government in waiting, would lose with a margin of over 20% in a head-to-head contest, according to YouGov research released this week.

The crisis facing Labour will not be resolved in a matter of a few weeks. Already the next general election is shaping up to be a total write-off.

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