Britons are hoping for something bizarre in the wake of Brexit

A new poll shows widespread support for the reintroduction of imperial measurements in Britain in the wake of the EU referendum result.

A YouGov poll released yesterday shows that 45% of more than 5,000 surveyed would like to see a return to selling food in pounds and ounces, compared to just 39% who want to keep the current metric system of kilograms and grams.

Here is the chart:

YouGov’s findings come after the British Weights and Measures Association reported that “one or two” shops a week had been in contact asking if they could abandon the metric system of grams and kilograms in the wake of Brexit.

A government spokesman told the Telegraph: “Businesses can already use imperial units alongside metric, or on their own for draught beer and cider, bottled milk and road traffic signs.

“This is national legislation and there has been no change to the law since the referendum result.”

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