A surprising number of Brits think a Marine Le Pen presidency would be good for Britain

LONDON — Brits are evenly split on the question of whether French presidential candidates Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron would be better for Britain.

Polling from YouGov found that 23% thought Macron would be better for Britain, while 21% preferred Le Pen. A further 43% said they didn’t know.

The final run-off between the two candidates takes place on May 7, with Emmanuel Macron likely to beat far-right candidate Le Pen.

The choice between the fiercely pro-EU Macron and Eurosceptic Le Pen could have far-reaching consequences for the future of the EU, and upon the UK’s Brexit negotiations.

The poll shows those who voted to leave the EU largely backing Le Pen, with 37% naming her the superior choice compared to 6% preferring Macron. Among those who voted to remain in the EU, 45% believe Macron would be a better president, compared to 9% who prefer Le Pen.

Here are the full results:

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