Uzbekistan Just Launched A Facebook Clone With The Most Terrible Name Ever

If it looks like Facebook and works like Facebook…Is it not, then, Facebook?

The creator of — Uzbekistan’s answer to Facebook, says no.

Here’s a screenshot of a profile on YouFace:



According to GlobalVoices, the site was recently set up to “boost patriotism among young people in Uzbekistan.”

The site’s creator, allegedly an Uzbek citizen named Ayubhon Abdullaev, says the reason it looks so much like Facebook is for “convenience.”

“Customers are used to Facebook and,” a Russian-language security site quoted him as saying.  

Its origins are murky — the site is registered to an LLC, but there is speculation that Uzbek authorities could  collect personal information posted on the site. The site’s homepage quotes President Islam Karimov.

In any event, regular Uzbeks don’t seem to be buying the concept.

“I am shocked, nobody has seen such plagiarism before. It is an unbelievable shame that we have this… ,” one user Tweeted, according to GlobalVoices. 

UPDATE: Is life imitating farce? The site apparently shares a name with a fictional social network from a 2010 episode of 30 Rock. The site does appear completely genuine though.

Check it out for yourself here >

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