You Will Be Surprised At What Australia's Accountants Are Really Reading

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If you think accountants only read spreadsheets, you would be wrong.

Yes, spreadsheet tricks are in demand but it’s strategy, ethics and career planning which are topics accountants want to explore.

There are 10,000 titles in the electronic library of the 100,000 plus member Chartered Accountants.

These are the top 13, the ones most often accessed:

The big lie of strategic planning Harvard Business Review, January-February 2014
Argues that creating detailed strategic plans, supported by highly detailed long-range forecasts, is not a good strategy. Explores the comfort traps people fall into when designing strategic plans and gives examples of how to avoid them.

Excel:leveraging Excel for the iPad Strategic Finance, May 2014
Describes Excel capability on the iPad, stating that while some features are not available, it is possible to create useful spreadsheets on the move.

Nice girls don’t get the corner office : 101 unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers Business Plus, 2010 (book)
Identifies and discusses 101 distinct behaviours which the author argues women learn in girlhood and which ultimately sabotage their careers.

Why analytics will be the next competitive edge Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, July-August 2014
States that the power of analytics is to “reduce huge volumes of data into revealing an actionable insight”. Discusses uses for analytics in decision management. Offers insight into predictive business analytics, advising that it will have a significant impact on future business strategy.

15 rules for negotiating a job offer Harvard Business Review
Discusses the complexity of the job market. Contains rules to consider when negotiating a job offer. Advises the applicant how to negotiate multiple issues simultaneously and to consider more factors than remuneration.

Analytics 3.0 Harvard Business Review, December 2013
Argues that Analytics 3.0 will be the next big shift for companies as “data smartness” will be used to enhance customer products and services. Highlights several companies using Analytics 3.0 effectively. Lists 10 requirements for companies wanting to use Analytics 3.0.

Excel : collaborate in real time Strategic Finance, July 2014
Discusses the Excel Web App, which allows the simultaneous editing of a spreadsheet online. Compares the possibilities of this app with the limitations of Excel Client.

The essential controller : an introduction to what every financial manager must know. Wiley, 2012. (Book and ebook)
Covers efficient practices for managing an accounting department and carrying out financial management responsibilities such as: corporate controllership, setting policies, value added reporting, advising management and compliance. Describes the role of both the controller and chief financial officer.

Raising capital : 10 pitching mistakes most start-ups make Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, May-June 2014
Advises how entrepreneurs should pitch their ideas to convince investors their product or service is worthwhile. Offers 10 pitching mistakes new businesses often make, such as not looking at the big picture and not identifying direct and indirect competitors.

The CFO competency map Canada’s CPA magazine, March 2014
Provides a chart of competencies to help professional accountants develop the necessary skills to become Chief Financial Officers. Combines literature on the subject and the results of a survey of Ontario executives to provide 34 key competencies to enable career development. Discusses when and how to develop each competency.

Does your company have this document? Strategic Finance, July 2014
Reviews the importance of an employee code of conduct which communicates an organisation’s ethics and values. States that many smaller entities consider this document to be unnecessary or too expensive, yet because a small entity’s reputation is based on local community relationships it should be a priority. Offers seven steps to use in designing and implementing a code of conduct.

Advanced Excel reporting for management accountants Wiley, 2014 (book and ebook)
Provides techniques for building spreadsheet reporting models in Excel. Discusses tools to improve reporting spreadsheets. Includes two detailed case studies. Aimed at management accountants and business analysts with a good working knowledge of Excel. Applicable to Excel 2013, Excel 2010 and Excel 2007.

Should I stay or should I go? Economia, July-August 2014
Evaluates the pros and cons of staying with an accounting firm long-term versus moving from one firm to another. Discusses how this may affect your rise to partnership.

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