9 One-Of-A-Kind Laptops; Not An Apple Among Them

Want a tricked out laptop? You can buy 8 of them on eBay. PC Magazine had 9 artists design HP (HPQ) laptops and is auctioning them off for charity. Bonus opportunity: A chance to remind the rest of us that you can own a cool laptop even if you haven’t bought an Apple (AAPL) product.

Graffiti artist de la Vega’s “my kid can do that” model has already been snapped up by Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for an undisclosed amount (though maybe Curt will fess up on his blog). The other 8 went up for auction today, with a starting bid of 99 cents. But last we looked the bids had climbed to the $100 to $400 range, and since the auction ends next Monday, we don’t think you’re getting a bargain.

But you weren’t bargain-hunting anyway, right? You just wanted a good excuse to give money to the National Cristina Foundation, which provides computer equipment to needy schools and non-profit organisations. And also, to remind people that you can still own a cool laptop even if you haven’t bought an Apple product.

A little predictably, perhaps, we like the Paul Frank Studios one the best. But we’re sticking with our SAI-issued machine for now.

Paul Frank Studio

   Suzan Fellman

Shepard Fairey

Rebecca Minkoff

Peter Harper

Matt Bernson


Coltrane Curtis

de la Vega (sold)

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