You Think Your Job Is Bad? 7 More Suicides Under Investigation At France Telecom Since Early January

France Telecom

Photo: AP

France Telecom, parent company of mobile phone provider Orange, is under increasing scrutiny for a two year spike in suicides at the firm.Just last week another employee of the firm committed suicide in his car, according to Le Monde. This brings the total to 7 suicides under investigation by France Telecom workers since early January 2010.

This only adds to the count, as since 2008 30-five employees at the firm have committed suicide, according to the company’s union.

While France Telecom is a large firm, its size does not account for the quantity of staff suicides it has been experiencing. At the beginning of February it was announced that the company’s CEO will be stepping down from his post on March 1 as a result of the suicide scandal.

Employees have left notes mentioning work related problems as a reason for their suicide. Unions at the company are blaming, “restructuring cuts, extreme pressure, bullying and poor management method,” as well as the firm’s privatization, according to The Guardian.

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