You Won't Believe The Things This High Ranking Navy Officer Did To Get Fired

GeislerDavid Geisler

Photo: US Navy

Captain David Geisler was Commodore in charge of the logistics task force that supplied all naval assets in the 5th Fleet stationed in Bahrain, but he may have acted more like a fresh-faced pledge at a rowdy fraternity.At a June 3 move-in party for a new officer moving into Bahrain’s Floating City, Geisler spent the day drinking with a bunch of people under his command.

The host—finished with unpacking—allegedly dropped her bikini top in the midst of the party. Another woman followed her lead, and a sailor took a cue from them to drop
his pants, exposing himself.

Bahrain ApartmentsBahrain Floating City

Photo: Apartment Finder

According to Sam Fellman at the Military Times, the dynamic of the party shifted dramatically and many staff members left immediately.

Not Geisler; he put down his drink, climbed out of the inner tube he’d been floating on and dropped his swim suit to go skinny dipping.

From the Military Times:

Because the canal is lined with condominiums on both sides, their frolic was in “plain view” of neighbours and passersby on the street, investigators later concluded, noting that Geisler had been the most senior officer at the party. When the party crossed the line from rowdy to lewd, some left. neighbours, upset with the late-night commotion, complained afterward to the host’s landlord, as well as housing officials at the naval base. But none of the party-goers reported anything to higher-ups.

This became the first of many parties at the junior officer’s Floating City apartment over the next five months, where the combination of binge drinking, mingling of officers and enlisted members, and public nudity ran afoul of both 5th Fleet liberty standards and cultural norms in Bahrain, an Islamic country where women commonly wear modest dress and head coverings, and public displays of affection as mundane as holding hands are frowned upon.

It was the last straw following months of Geisler-endorsed Toga Parties, Lingerie Parties … you name it. Fellman reports the Captain liked to party hard, and he liked to nurse a select set of staff to party along with him.

Those who didn’t, and considered the situation inappropriate, called the Inspector General who relieved Geisler in November.

The Military Times found out about the incidents through Freedom of Information Requests. Read the rest of their story here >

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