You probably wake up 8-11 times a night -- plus 21 other discoveries from sleep-tracking apps

Why is it that you can go to be on time and wake up feeling exhausted?

Perhaps you are waking up more than you think you are.

For most of us, getting enough sleep is a problem.

But thanks to fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and sleeping-aid apps like Sleepio, we now have all sorts of data on how we sleep and how to improve our rest.

Women are slightly more (about 10%) likely to report sleep issues and to rate poorer-quality sleep than men.


Source Sleepio.

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However, women tend to get, on average, 20 more minutes of sleep than men. Women get 7-7.6 hours per night; men get 6.8-7.4 hours


Source: Fitbit

The idea that women wake up more than men is a myth, too. Men under 50 tend to wake up slightly more, once more per night, than women of the same age.

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On the other hand, people who don't get enough sleep tend to suffer from low mood. (77% of poor sleepers report low mood, compared to 27% of good sleepers).

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Source: Sleepio

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Poor sleepers also tend to have more relationship problems. 77% of poor sleepers report relationship problems, compared to 35% of good sleepers.


Poor sleep can also lead to feelings of loneliness. 53% of poor sleepers report feeling 'alone' compared to 10% of good sleepers.


Source: Sleepio

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Short-term events don't affect your sleep as much as they seem. For instance, the switch to daylight savings may make you feel tired, but it only causes Americans to lose 13 minutes of sleep that night.

Source: Jawbone.

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