Check Out The Awesome Spy Gadgets BrickHouse Security Has In Its Headquarters

brickhouse headquarters

Photo: Kim Bhasin, Business Insider

BrickHouse Security started with a $10,000 investment and some borrowed office space. Under the guidance of CEO Todd Morris, the company now has more than 70 employees and it raked in upwards of $20 million in revenue last year.

But the coolest thing about BrickHouse is probably the stuff they sell. It’s in the security business, selling a plethora of GPS trackers, hidden cameras and cellular forensics services.

Basically, it’s really cool spy gear.

BrickHouse let us into its New York City headquarters to take a look around.

The BrickHouse headquarters is located on the corner of 6th Ave. and 36th St. in Midtown Manhattan

The office is on the 3rd floor, and it greets you with a pretty intimidating black and silver logo.

In character for a company that sells security devices, you have to scan your fingerprint to get in.

It takes you to a sterile waiting room with some magazines. The public is actually allowed in here, because BrickHouse has a showroom for its most popular products.

Can you guess what this thing is? That ring on the front is a big magnet — police can put a tracking device inside and slap it onto the bottom of a vehicle.

Here's an example of one of the simple GPS trackers.

Not everything is covert. This little thing is for parents to put on young children. If the child wanders, press the button and a sound goes off.

Everything besides the suit on Doug the dummy is a cool little spy tool.

This iPod Shuffle is a hidden camera.

The watch? Camera.

The glasses, sunglasses and cap are all cameras.

Doug's ID card is watching you too.

These displays are to showcase the GPS tracking capabilities of the items.

All those red dots are the locations of BrickHouse's own employees.

Next, we step into the office-proper, where these guys are working on the company's website. But we're still not safe from the hidden cameras — can you spot it?

It's the black and silver clock on the dividing wall.

Tezgor's working on translating his product knowledge to the website, which BrickHouse is currently in the process of relaunching.

The tech support folks are in the next set of desks. They spend most of their day on the phone, giving basic tech support on the few hundred items BrickHouse sells.

Well looky here, more Star Wars paraphernalia.

Tech support has this cabinet filled with all the devices they have to help customers with. And yes, that cap has a hidden camera.

We stop by Morris' office. It's quite spacious, and he has four screens.

Though the contents it's protecting aren't glamorous, they're quite important to BrickHouse — the server room.

This other room is packed. Almost everything they sell is warehoused off-site, but some stuff lingers here.

And people work in here! It's the team that handles returns.

Next stop, research and development. Just take a look at all the devices scattered on this guy's desk.

This is a new design for a GPS tracker in the making.

Bryan M. Parola is the R&D product manager. That's the product development roadmap on the wall.

You can see his entire thought process mapped out on the wall. The boxes? Well, some co-workers think that he has a lot of extra space in his office.

The guy in charge sits at the end — sales and customer service supervisor Luis Garcia.

One final stop — the conference room, which features an interesting little ornament.

Apparently, you have to pay Wall Street $1 if you're late for a meeting in here.

On the way out, we spot a now-seemingly-obligatory Angry Birds plush toy.

And head back to the Business Insider world headquarters.

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